Welcome all of you to the film wedding Lightroom preset article. We hope everyone is well and trying something new in photo editing. The presets that we are going to give you today are only for those people who want to edit wedding photos. Getting the colours and lighting effects right in wedding photos is not something everyone is after. But you can get a good result by applying the presets that we have given you on the photo.


Film Wedding Lightroom Preset
Film Wedding Lightroom Preset


Wedding Day Lightroom Preset 

In today’s time, everyone likes to sing, do photography and have fun at weddings. I also like all these things and I am a professional photo editor. I help people with photo editing, I tell them easy ways of photo editing. So if you also want to make changes in wedding photos then definitely try our preset.


System Requirements :- 
  • Mobile Android version_ Android 4.0 above
  • RAM_2GB
  • 8GB Storage
  • Installed the Lightroom app’s Latest Version


  • Photo edit in one click
  • HD quality
  • Usable in Lightroom mobile
  • Colour retouching and light adjustment
  • Premium colour effects
  • Can download for free


Dark Black Lightroom Presets

How To Download Film Wedding Lightroom Preset

I know you like this Lightroom preset and want to have it. But only a few people know how to download it. So I have saved this preset in google drive. Those people who don’t know how to download from google drive read the simple steps given below and proceed further.

  • First, click on the download button
  • Please keep in mind to open the link in a browser
  • Now you are seeing a normal photo.
  • This photo is preset, its colour and light can be seen only after downloading it.
  • Download the preset now.


Cinematic Dark And Orange Preset

How To Use Film Wedding Lightroom Preset

So now we will learn about the use of dng presets in this paragraph. Dng is very easy to use and you can easily. If you have complete knowledge of the Lightroom app then you can enhance the beauty of photos by applying dng presets to photos. If you do not know how to use dng presets then read the simple steps mentioned by us.

Install most Lightroom apps on your mobile from the play store. Then add photos and presets to the Lightroom mobile app. Now open the presets in the Lightroom app. After that, copy the settings of the preset by pressing the menu settings option at the top. Then open the picture in the lightroom. Now select the paste settings option by pressing the menu settings option.

Preset Download


How did you all like this article? And what kind of presets article do you want to read next? You must tell me all this in the comments. If you want to talk to me you can do it through Instagram or Gmail. Thank you have a nice day.


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